InTRventions Conference at Longwood University

Thursday, November 2, 2023

12:10-1:10 PM-

Session 1Keynote: “Recharge, Regroup, Reprogram Therapeutic Recreation Practice: Moving into the Future” by Betsy Kennedy

Track 1                                                           

1:20-2:20 PM –

Session 2 “Strategies for Protecting the Well-Being of Recreation Therapy Student Interns” by Craig Brandon Creech

2:30-3:30 PM –

Session 3 “Let’s get Motivated, Excited, and Passionate about YOUR positive role in bringing HAPPINESS to your population in Recreation Therapy” by Kendra Spencer

3:40-4:40PM –

Session 4 “Soothing Rhythms: Using music as an intervention in Recreation Therapy” by Meghan Mays and Susan Carol

4:50-5:50 PM –

Session 5 “Living Gamefully”; Using Evidence-Based Interventions for an online game in Recreational Therapy without Technology by Kari Decker

Track 2     1:30-5:30 Quality Internship Supervisor Training (Offered by ATRA)

Friday, November 3, 2023

8-9:00 AM –

Session 6 “Therapeutic Success through Raising Butterflies” by Rose Robinson and Sasha Swinnerton

Session 7 “Story Circles: An Intervention for Cultivating Intercultural Connections” by Ann Bailey

9:10-10:10 AM –

Session 8 “Implementing Art Interventions to Improve Mental Health and other Functional Domains” by Summer Matics

Session 9“Mood Tracking: An evidence-based approach to identifying behavioral patterns and triggers” by Laura Cuadrado

10:20-11:20 AM –  

Session 10 “Task Analysis through the APIED Process” by Faith Moss, Lauren Janney and Curtis Robb

Session 11 “Re-Growing our Compassion in our Therapy: Relationships involved in Therapeutic Recreation” by Susan Lynch


Session 12   Lunch and CEU presentation by Brent Wolfe


Session 13 -“Designing Digital Escape Rooms for Use in Therapeutic Recreation Practice” by Whitney Kallenbach and Abigail Wright

Session 14 “Let’s Think PAWsitive – Analyzing the changes in various domains through participation in Canine Assisted Therapy” by Freda Sergi and Reilly Fox


Session 15 End Note: “Turning the Tables: Treating Ourselves for Professional Well-Being in Recreation Therapy” by Leandra Bedini

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